Giraffe, Wildebeest and Impala Calf Photos at Safari West

First off, sorry for the lack of post recently, I plan to add more post now and into the future. And, not just animal photos, but art, as this is primarily an art blog. But, as an animal/wildlife artist, I take as many photos of animals as I can which can be used as reference for my artwork.

At Safari West, we’ve had many animals births this season, including the two giraffes, wildebeest, impala, plus many more. I have enjoyed photographing these animals, and following the development of the two giraffes. If interested, you can see photos of them on Safari West’s facebook page:

giraffes playing

Above is Ringo (left) and Luca roughhousing as young giraffes do. They were fairly rambunctious and I was lucky to capture this moment. Luckily I can see when they are looking like they will do something, as they often just stand (or sit) around not doing much. I think Luca (who is a few weeks older) is being a bit of a bully here, showing off that he is bigger and can stand taller than Ringo.


Ringo is on the left nursing while Luca looks on. Luca is in the process of being weaned and Ringo’s mom is starting to be less patient with Ringo’s nursing. A hard time for any young mammal… Luca might just be a bit jealous that Ringo gets to still nurse.

Odd Friends

Odd Friends... and adopted moms

The above two pictures are of a impala calf trying to nurse from a wildebeest calf. The animal behind the two (white) is a dama gazelle. The wildebeest and impala are typically in another enclosure, and orphan animals tend to be in the lower giraffe enclosure. There are several impalas and just the one wildebeest. It seems that this little impala is seeing the wildebeest calf as an adopted mother, even though the wildebeest cannot produce milk… I think it is comfort nursing. I do not know exactly why they are not with their herds, but I suspect they needed to be moved for their protection, either their mother’s were not caring for them or one of the males was being too aggressive. At least they have each other!

The next post will have artwork, and will not take over a month to post. Again, sorry for the delay in post.


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