Serval Cat and Coatimundi

I’m glad I went into work yesterday (Friday, June 7th)… as I have been off Friday and Saturday’s recently, this last week I went in Friday as I had Thursday off. I’m glad because we had some animal visitors. Another facility that we have a good relationship with (and where some of our baby servals and fennec foxes now live) brought a young serval and baby coaitmundi (coati for short) for the owner birthday surprise. These two visited us first in the offices, which was a nice treat. We got to be up close and personal with them. We held the coati and were able to pet the serval. Below are two drawings/sketches that I did of both of them.

serval profile

The serval has a very long neck, legs and large ears.

coatimundi baby

The coatimundi is a relative of the raccoon. They have a long snout and sharp claws to hunt down insects, crawfish and the like. This little guy was very cute and loved my burts bees lip gloss.


Here is a photo of this beautiful serval cat. 🙂


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