Interesting Ted Talk about Grazing Animals and Climate Change


This is a sign I made for work (Safari West) for their bar. Get it, the watering hole… so anyways, more than this I wanted to post about a Ted talk that I watched today about a very possible solution to climate change and the process of desertification. Both connected and both very bad for our future. The video starts a bit slow, but it is very good and informative.

The reason for adding this artwork is because it is the closest think I have to the topic of the talk. Which is about mimicking nature with having huge herds (in this case cattle, sheep or goats) graze the land for a short period of time and then moving on. In that process the dung, etc from the animals help revitalize the soil (creating a mulch-like covering) and helping bring back grasslands. I don’t understand the process fully, but when you think about it, it makes sense. A perfect example is in Africa, and the migration of the wildebeest. They are always on the move (even soon after giving birth) and the grasslands are healthier there because of all these grazing animals. They have large passing herds. Other places where the grasses are not coming back even after the rains do not have this. Where these large herds still exist the grass does come back after the dry season and the rains. Very interesting concept.

All the animals are acrylic paintings, and in Photoshop I did the composition, putting them together, adding the water, ground, text, and wood background.


7 thoughts on “Interesting Ted Talk about Grazing Animals and Climate Change

  1. I could listen to TED talks all day…sometimes I do!!!

    I like your blog. The artwork is wonderful! Nice work on The Watering Hole. Looks professional!

  2. Great artwork! I agree with your/these views. We all must be more aware of how we treat our earth and all the creatures within it. These items are gifts from whatever one believes and must be preserved as such for future generations. Keeping awareness alive in digital world spreads the word that much easier and reaches more.

  3. I always enjoy visiting your website.As a artist I enjoy the wonderful detail in your animal drawings and paintings.
    The Ted Talk by Allen Savory really rang home especially what I see on my own land where the dry grass is choking out the seedlings for next year. I’ve got to embed a copy on a posting about saving the land at PsiKeep. Thank you for the turn on. I would also like to post a link to your blog from PsiKeep Venture.

  4. Ha, I noticed how old the older comments were, and I kinda just wanted to reply for no reason but to WOW you on your artwork. I’m a young artist myself (I’m only twelve), and I absolutely love the animals that you draw. The details are amazing and the accuracy is FANTASTIC!

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