Gray Fox in a Valley Oak Tree

Earth Day is almost over, but I thought this painting is a good one for it. I usually just draw/paint animals, but I’ve been trying to create more landscapes/scenes. Drawing/painting landscapes/scenes isn’t really my thing, but, it doesn’t mean I can’t add an animal or two into the scene.


This tree in the painting is one that is near my house that I often walk by. I love its gnarly branches and shape. Also, it has a big hole in it. Amazing that it is still alive with that… though, in this painting it is winter.

Now, I haven’t seen the gray fox on this tree, but I do know that they can climb trees. Foxes are really the cat-like canine. The gray fox is quite a good climber.


2 thoughts on “Gray Fox in a Valley Oak Tree

  1. I almost missed the fox, it looks like part of the tree at first glance. Pretty painting though, trees are fun to draw/paint.

    1. Haha, yeah, I intended to have the fox not stand out too much. I was focusing on the tree more in this piece, but thought it would be nice to also have an animal. Kind of like real life, I’ve notice animals that at first glance I don’t see them…. and then I realize they are there. 😀

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