Paintings during the Process

In blog post I’m going to show two finished commissioned paintings with one or two unfinished versions, the in-between versions. I’d like to show the whole process from sketch to finished product but that will have to wait for one of my next paintings. I have plans to paint a chase scene with lions and a roan antelope, so perhaps I will have a posting of the whole process with that one.

The first painting was a commission for a co-worker. Luckily I took a picture of this one twice during the process so you can get a feel for how I paint. I tend to more or less block out the colors with minimal details, and then continue adding more and more detail. I don’t have any exact process. I usually just get the basic shapes/colors and build detail from there. I don’t necessarily go from dark to light, though in the end most of the lighter parts of the modeled areas come towards the end…
horsepainting1 horsepainting2 horsepainting3

This second painting I did for my Grandma. I was so excited to have a commission for a wolf! Again, like the horse one, you can see how I get the general shapes and colors, as well as the beginnings of texture, early in the process. When I post another entry similar to this I’ll show more of the beginning stages, when it doesn’t look that good… as I did not really want take a picture that doesn’t look like much. But, I do tend to treat acrylic paintings kind of like watercolor, where the paint is watered down significantly. You can see that in the early parts of these painting, which has its own unique look, is why I even have any pictures of the process.wolfpainting1 wolfpainting2

If you are interested in commissioning me, please email me. Another place to see my artwork is deviantart, facebook and eventually at my own website.


7 thoughts on “Paintings during the Process

  1. I can’t waite to see your next project and the process you take. Can you video some of your techinque.
    I loved your first post with the link to the running fox. It remined me of a few months ago I saw a red fox come out from the side of a shed in my backyard. It was 5:30AM and our eyes met. What a beautiful animal.

    1. That’s so cool that you saw a fox. I’ve seen gray foxes in my backyard 🙂

      I could try to take video of my technique, it would be fun to show the process in progress.

  2. WOW! absolutely stunning! You are so very talented. I love seeing how the texture evolves, it’s really something. I have never been a good artist but I sure am jealous of your skills. The details are truly impressive, how do you do the texture on the wolf?

    1. Thank you. One way I make texture is to have old brushes,and I have plenty of old brushes. I’ve painted many rocks, so you can imagine how beat up some of them are. They make for perfect texture brushes.

    2. Thank you! A lot of the texture comes from the use of different old (roughed edges) brushes. I usually just add the dark areas and then light areas, and back and forth until I get the look I want.

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